We find candidates for you to match your needs and desired profiles.

Our recruitment method has developed over the last few decades. The work of recruiters and HR managers has grown to become complex and finding talent requires multi-layered approaches.
We have a team dedicated to hiring candidates.

Our dedicated recruiters can either focus on the responsibilities of account managers or leverage expert sourcing. This paves the way for a greater number of potential candidates.


AD MAIORA supports your recruitment process using three approaches :


    You can ask us to find a candidate to work for your company who meets your needs. To do this, we first put candidates through an initial qualifying interview, the results of which are used to shortlist those who meet the required qualifications. The next stage is to work closely with your human resources team and support you throughout the process, from interview through to hiring.


    As a direct recruiter, we offer to hire candidates ourselves.
    This has the advantage of providing additional flexibility in the assessment process of candidates, who may be hired later by your company once needed.


    More and more organisations are focusing on internal staff organisation.
    We provide a customised service to optimise team increases without there being any repercussions on the total number of full-time employees.

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