Understanding your users and their goals.

Digital Strategy


The success of a digital project depends largely on the quality of its design and the experience of its designers.
AD MAIORA is developing its experience by creating web projects for a broad range of clients.

Together with our expertise, we add a good dose of passion and ingenuity to any mission we take on.


We guide you through establishing your Internet strategy and together we choose the best web marketing levers, which are adapted to your customers’ needs to maximise your return on investment.

Web development


We create your website, tailoring it to your needs.
We offer you a dynamic website, which is compatible on all digital media (smartphone, tablets), and easy for you to manage through a simple, intuitive and robust management interface.
Your website will be able to evolve over time in line with your needs, and will remain up-to-date and compatible with the latest technology and security standards.

Discover our design packs to create a website tailored to your needs and budget!



Web indexing allows us to boost the visibility of your website by targeting the best positions on search engines results.


There is free indexing (SEO) and paid (SEM). Discover our design packs to optimise your website’s visibility with a controlled budget!



Communicate directly with your customers and fans, and encourage your promoters to improve your progress through social marketing tools.


Every platform has its own features and strengths, we provide support by creating content and developing your audience.


Whether you’re an individual or a business, your E-reputation is crucial. A good E-reputation translates into more customers, whereas a bad one penalises your activities and has a negative impact on development.
Your E-reputation grows, evolves and is built up on a daily basis, depending on content which is quickly spread among Internet users.


We help you to create and manage your E-reputation using analysis, monitoring and cleaning tools.


Use a video to summarise your offer or to sell your products in a clear and appealing way.


Videos allow you to significantly increase your interaction with visitors.

Support and


Functioning properly and to perform necessary updates.

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